I had the best experience ever from Dr. Sakr. The entire team was professional and provided the most friendly and accommodating service. I was greeted immediately as soon as I walked in and did not have to deal with a waiting period. My lower back pain was gone after the treatment and I have Dr. Sakr and his team to thank for it!
Shawn W.
Dr. Sakr is an awesome chiropractor. His gentle approach was really effective and helped to get rid of my pain. I appreciated the attentive staff, who were easy to work with. Overall a great place that I feel comfortable returning to.
Cindy R.
I needed a chiropractor close to home and found Dr. Sakr’s office online. After my experience here, I definitely recommend this place. I was treated like a friend and they did not make me feel uncomfortable at all. The discomfort I sustained from a recent car accident is all but gone now thanks to them. Great chiropractor.
Joline T.
I was referred to Dr. Sakr’s office from a friend and got to experience myself what a great chiropractor he was. I like that his office is close and I can get there conveniently when I need to. His treatments were efficient and provided great results. I have already referred most of my friends and family here.
Vic J.