At Injury Chiropractic in South Phoenix we have the experience and expertise to offer all the care you need for auto accident injury treatment. Every patient is unique, and so we customize auto injury treatments, from our evaluation and initial exam to complete chiropractic intervention. We have a highly skilled trained and experienced staff that knows the delicate nature of our patients neck , back and spinal cord, it is this reason why we would recommend that you choose us to take the best of care for your needs.

Dr. J. Sakr graduated from the Southern California University of Health Sciences, having studied physiotherapy.  In addition he is certified in treating infants and pregnant woman.  After graduating he then practiced in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia for 4 years, including performing treatments and conducting training.

We specialize in quality and not quantity to make sure every patient gets a tailored program.The thorough exam we offer is designed so that the Injury Chiropractic team can evaluate spinal position alignment, as well as look for evidence of whiplash or back pain. Our skilled chiropractic staff can also search for any hidden damage that may remain initially symptom less.

Once our assessment is made, we’ll develop a timely injury treatment plan to correct misalignments, and eliminate back and neck pain. Treatment itself is designed to increase a patient’s circulation and natural healing following an auto accident, and get patients quickly on the road to recovery.

Your Health is our number one concern, we appreciate your business and will make sure not to disappoint, all of our patients have left satisfied. We’re located at 6014 S. Central Ave. in Phoenix. Call us at (602) 842-0758, or click below to schedule an appointment, or for more information about our services.