At Injury Chiropractic in Phoenix, our team knows that back pain is a common auto accident symptom. With lower speed accidents, this pain may appear slowly over time, while in more serious, high-speed accidents, pain can be extreme due to herniated discs from accident trauma.

Our chiropractic staff can provide experienced spinal adjustment and physiotherapy to assist in the healing of accident victims. As with neck pain, the gravitational force in an auto accident can severely stress the spine, shifting vertebrae out of alignment and causing back injuries such as herniated discs.

And the injury doesn’t stop there. The injured discs can pinch nerves and cause sciatica, and both conditions can worsen with time, creating extensive pain, and a reliance on painkilling medications for relief from it.

Our chiropractors offer a complete exam to discover and diagnose the root cause of back pain, and provide precise, gentle adjustments to realign the spine and release nerve pain naturally. Our Injury Chiropractic staff works successfully with injured muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Back Pain South Phoenix